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A fine piece of business called Bellflower

We’ve all had those thoughts of what we would do if we were in a zombie infestation or apocalyptic scenario, so to see people commit on a plan to future proof themselves is fitting of the times.

In Bellflower, boy meets girl, girl cause a riff in the dynamics of the boys, creating a sinking realization that the violent times these boys tried to prepare themselves for may involve each other.

Director Evan Glodell not only hand made the cameras he used to capture some amazing visuals, but built all the the Apocalypse fighting gadgets as well. While Bellflower doesn’t let the cinematic moments speak for itself like Drive, or contain the righteous dialogue of Hesher, it’s charm lies in the characters lack of life experience. You sort of root for the idea of it all.

That charm may very well be the downfall of this film. I suggest seeing Bellflower sooner rather than later, because we all know that those wearers of Boondock Saints hoodies will be coming to take your movie away.


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One response to “A fine piece of business called Bellflower

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    Going to see this for sure. Just released on Blu Ray. Good write up. Thanks

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