What You’re Listening to in 2011: Mr. Gnome

Hearing any track from one of Mr. Gnomes albums will make you pretty upset by the fact that you haven’t heard of them before. You’ll want to blame family, friends, and co-workers, rightfully so at that. An exquisite two piece that produces an orchestral sound, there lyrical focus leans towards all that there is to be fascinated upon by young eyes.

If you took your White Stripes action figures, and bashed them together with your Yeah Yeah Yeahs action figures, you’d get a sound somewhat similar to there latest offering. Madness In Miniature is an atmospheric opera that gets better as it goes along and brings the house down on the final track.

Get ready to get ready



Jim Jarmusch Probably Had A Hangover or Something

An action movie without action, this film follows the character of the Lone Man who seems to be, at the very least, a courier for the underbelly set.

A great deal of questions are raised that that the viewer never learns the answers to. Although that everything the Lone Man does appears to be carefully planned out, you never really learn the who, where, what and why behind his actions.  While it’s usually refreshing to have some elements of any story left up to the viewers interpretation, there is just too much missing from The Limits of Control.

Although Jim Jarmusch has a long, rich, and luxurious history of delivering something different, this just isn’t his best work. The co stars are trying way too hard to act cool and/or mysterious, and the subtext of  ” ideas and art” changing the how things work, is a little played out. There are some redeeming qualities. It’s beautifully shot,  has an exotic soundtrack, some subtle homages to the art film  genre. Paz de le Huerta has a body that you will never forget, and Bill Murray delivers the greatest ‘fuck you’ in cinema history.

As much fun as it is to watch, you’re ultimately left with the unnerving feeling that the film your watching is starring back at you.


What You’re listening to in 2011: Milk Music

These vintage slackers hail from Olympia Washington and describe themselves as ” too straight for hippies, too far out for punk”. They have sort of a Pavement-ee/ Dinosaur Jr-ish sound about them, with just the right amount of urgency sprinkled in.  Don’t expect them to stay grounded in the same sound for every album, or even every track. They have a little bit more life and musical experience than the usual up and coming band.

To date, they have only released a six song EP, titled Beyond Living. This will be the band to see at music festivals next year. Make sure you do your part and play them at all your happening get-togethers.


All I Wants For Christmas Is Mondo Sexxxx

A good rule of thumb is to treat yourself to any movie that features a man in a wheelchair being lit on fire

This biopic/ absurdly dark comedy is the story of one Terrence Kobrah, a small town pervert with a heart of nastiness.  Deliriously funny and inventively twisted,director Logan Myers pulls no punches to deliver the goods in what could and should be the pass around party film of a lifetime.

You’ll shit and piss yourself laughing, and baby, that’s just the way Terry Kobrah likes it.


Lo Fi Sci Fi Earth Ling

An astronaut comes across a bizarre object, an object that sends an electromagnetic pulse to Earth, an electromagnetic pulse that causes a small group of people to have the same dream and seek each other out.

Combining nerdy science fiction with the delicate sensibilities of an art film, the end result is a hypnotic painting accompanied by a most striking soundtrack. The whole film is wonderfully shot and endearingly mysterious.The characters will suck you into there world while leaving you to question your own.

Earthling is 100% pure cool.

What you’re listening to in 2011: Neon Indian

You probably remember exactly what party you were at when you heard that song by MGMT that you hadn’t heard before, because that song was by Neon Indian.  2009’s Psychic Chasms was full of strange sounds and broad landscapes, but had enough pop sensibility to become instantly catchy.

With such an auspicious debut came concerns that the follow up album would be an overly artistic let down. Era Extrana is pretty much the exact opposite. With tighter production values, this album is more mature than it’s predecessor while still being fun and mesmerizing. If the Grammy awards can accept Arcade Fire, then you might want to prepare yourself to see a lot of Neon Indian.


William Kaufman is My Best Pal!

William Kaufman directs powerful action dramas while working with the budget of a tuna can. One can reasonably suspect that he got his style by locking himself in room with the best films of John Woo and Michael Mann. The reality is that he immersed himself with quite a bit of commercial work after graduating from the University of North Texas, and it really paid off by rounding out his technical proficiency.

His cinematic style is known for a scary reality during brief but intense scenes of brutality. With three films under his belt, and a fourth in post production, he is well on his way to affecting the masses.

The Prodigy-2005

Sinners and Saints-2010


Hell Ride is Doopid

Feel bad for anyone who was psyched to see Hell Ride after the post Kill Bill hype of hearing that Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen, and Quentin Tarantino would be involved in a violent road movie. Considering that Larry Bishop was also involved with the ultra shitty and unwatchable Mad Dog Time, it may be wise to question who’s money was used to get this movie made. You really have to put some kind of time, effort, and energy into a movie that stars Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper and still have it turn out to be a runny dump. The pacing is wretched, the non story convoluted, and Tarantino wisely removed himself from this…”project”

To be fair, the entire genre of biker films aren’t really known for there quality entertainment. Even the most popular ones are typically so bad they’re good, and there best offering, Easy Rider, is an acquired taste. Let us take a moment to note that there current boy, Sons of Anarchy, is a terribly uneven soap opera.

If you really need your biker film fix, scratch that itch with a little bit of Werewolves on Wheels.


The Siluriformes Review

And lo, the day will come when a program is advertised with the tagline of  ‘From the makers of Hillbilly Handfishin!’

Of course, the Hillbilly program we’d all like to see would include, but not be limited to, unbathed, methed up, moonshine drenched hillbillies dancing around a burning pile of electronics while playing the banjo like a violin.

That shit would be next level.